• Palm Cultivation

The great development and the remarkable palm cultivation that Jordan witnesses, whether for production purposes or for the goal of decorations at home gardens , the expansion in the number of trees and the palm -planted areas in Jordan, in addition to the great expectations to increase awareness and care in the future of taking care of these trees, necessitated action by Hawara to move towards enough knowledge and experience to provide consulting and technical support for palm growers in how to deal with this tree and work to increase the production of fruit.

The sufficient experience at Hawara company about palm trees and what concerns its service and taking care of it, and the agricultural operations that are related to the ways of planting, transferring and cleaning it , and the knowledge about how to deal with the crop during and after the harvest.

We at Hawara have enough experience to create palm farms .The available experience for our team about serving trees and taking care of it and the various agricultural processes related to it , integrates with the knowledge of modern agricultural methods in dealing with the palm tree , whether for the purpose of production or for ornamental and landscape aesthetic

In order to achieve the company’s purposes in this field, we have identified several goals to move forward in the field of cultivating palm trees:

Firstly: providing consultation, data and information on technical operations in the field of methods of taking care and palm cultivation.

Secondly: providing proposals that can be taken by those who interested in this field; to get the best qualities of trees and ways of taking care of it.

Thirdly: contributing to the effort; for developing the cultivation of palm trees for ornamental purposes from technical point of view , developing methods of cultivating it to reduce the waste made in the operations of palm cultivation for aesthetic view ; this comes as a result of the lack of experience and knowledge in the ways of the right palm cultivation methods before, during and after planting , and providing solutions to avoid problems related to diseases and pests that infect palm trees within the gardens and villas , leading to its loss.