The upgrading of the design and execution is the factor that lends charm and beauty to places. It highlights its character and enhances elements of fun, comfort and and interest for individuals. The selection of aesthetic elements in the garden of tune colors and the fusion with elements of place and nature enhances confidence, comfort and communication between individuals and places.

Our style is so comprehensive. The company relies on the application of aesthetic standards and various technical schools to coordinate sites.

We follow the extreme care with cultural and aesthetic environmental aspects, and we are closely aware of the characteristics of the place. We have the creative skills and understanding of customer needs and the commitment of a highly professional manner. We at Hawara realize that the substantial increase in the specialist and non-specialist trend in the fields of agriculture and considering agriculture in the general concept as a consumer seeking element, to fill consumer and aesthetic immediate needs, led to loss of biodiversity that led to far-reaching effects on the stability of aesthetic and environmental style.

Therefore, we prefer to put designs for sites, depending on its environmental system, which takes into consideration what our area suffers from, like the lack of water resources and the special climatic style. So we seek to exploit the element of place to come up with an integrated agricultural work that lends aesthetic touch to the nature of the place ,and keep up with architecture , in a way that you don’t find a disconnect between the nature of art engineering for Architecture and coordinating and arranging style elements of the garden.

We at Hawara , have the ability to accomplish our job in the best possible way and to achieve different benefits and advantages of the villas , small houses ,town houses and palaces , by studying the characteristics and nature of sites extensively before preparing design scheme, which is usually done through multiple stages including:
• Preparing an outline for the initial idea and presenting it to the client and the operators of the project.
• Preparing dimensions and metrics scheme.
• Designing a plan for plants’ sites and architectural details.
• Designing a plan for lighting sites, and locating required specifications and quantities.
• Preparing irrigation schemes.

With regards to the stages of designing botanical distribution, Al-Hawara company is concerned with following steps:
• Preparing the initial idea plan for the botanical distribution
• Executive design scheme for the cultivation of plants.
• Preparing a list of names, quantities and specifications of plants.
• Overseeing the implementation of the project, coordination and supply of plants and all the design elements.